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Hi, i’m anthony

Welcome to G TIER® and thank you for visiting!

We built this website to help you navigate a world that is ever changing.

We want our readers to feel empowered to make the right decisions about what to do or purchase next. Here, our experts give you the right information, tools and advice to help you discover something useful. We believe when you understand what’s going on, you can then go out and do something about it.

We’re self-funded, we’re growing fast and we love what we do about as much as we love the letter G. We want you to be the hero of your own story.

Let’s do it together.

Driver's license.
One of my many AI experiences: I “enhanced” my driver’s license photo. Apparently fixing my hat head is beyond the realm of current AI capabilities.

How I started

I spent much of my young adulthood living the life of what society might call a “loser.”

I lived with a parent, was single, unhealthy, drinking too much, morbidly obese, a loner, broke as a joke and clinically depressed to the point of suicidal ideation.

Looking back, I would not have changed anything.


Because I learned many values at a young age including empathy, respect, hard work and to never give up.

If I hadn’t started out at the bottom, I would not have acquired the invaluable outlook that I now possess.

For that I am truly appreciative.

You cannot have light without dark… or whatever that saying is.

Yin and yang and all that.

I appreciate both now and take life for what it is.

If I see someone who is struggling, I do my best to help them succeed.

I’ve always had the dream to create a technological resource where others could come to research topics without any bias or ulterior motives.

A community where people could learn about next gen topics and practical information in a real way.

How would I describe my young adulthood? A fail. But it turned out FAILURE is the name of the road leading to success and my goals. Pictured here is one of my many failed attempts at a realistic AI avatar rendition. Turns out now this is one of my faves. It reminds me of how much maturing I needed and how I needed to earn my own way.

the next level

Growth and gains.

The future is bright

Over the course of many years, my professional background started evolving.

I earned various financial licenses, learned to code and delved into venture capital.

I like to think I have a knack for picking up on things.

One of my passions is discovering the unknown while helping others in the process.

Finding things and ideas that are under the radar. Off the grid. Out of the box. Past the normal scope. Beyond the limits. The flip side. Outside the normal tier lists.


People often ask me what the “G” in G TIER stands for?

Is it God, gym, gains, great, good, gizmo, gear, gadget, games, gaming, glorious, globetrotter, genius, gangsta, golden, galactic, gelato, gorgonzola???

Well, it’s all that.. and much more.

It’s G.

So this was how G TIER® was born and how that dream is now becoming reality.

Or… at least a reality that can be perceived with our senses.. but we’ll touch upon that elsewhere.

One of the purposes of G TIER® is to document the journey from day one so that we learn together.

One of the goals is to reach new individuals and teach them something that may change their life.

Now this is more like it! I’m like the king of Elwynn Forest over here! Look at that hair!! Oh baby. Thank God for AI. Not even a receding hairline can stop me now!

choose your own adventure.

You’re the star of the story!

the future is waiting. Let’s Do It Together.

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